Get it Right: The Assamese Bridal Look

“There is something so divine about the Assamese bridal look. And as we continue to explore different bridal looks from each culture, we break down the outfit, makeup, jewellery and hairstyles which bring these all together.”


The Assamese brides are known for their simplicity and elegance. Their wedding day look is based on the states tribal culture and remains very close to its natural richness. In fact, the Assamese bridal lookis one of a kind and never ceases to amaze those who care for grace and style. If you have ever wondered what this beautiful look comprises of, we share it with you.

Assamese Traditional Bridal Dress

Traditionally, the Assamese brides wear a dress called Mekhela Chador (pronounced ‘Mekhela Sador‘). The outfit, which is usually cream or off-white in colour is given to the bride by the groom’s mother. It is fabricated using Moga Silk and is embellished with gold and silver threads. The interesting part about Mekhela Chador is that although it looks like a saree, it is actually made up of two separate pieces of clothing. The design and patterns made on the Mekhela Chador are generally traditional motifs that represent the elements of the state’s culture and art.

How is the Mekhela Chador Draped?

The first part of the dress is worn like a skirt with pleats in the front, whereas one side of the second part is tucked to the left side of the waist and the other side is draped around the rest of the body. Usually, the fabric used for the skirt is heavier than the fabric for the pallu. The skirt is also adorned with heavy embroidery and a broad border.

Mekhela Blouse Design

Traditionally, a cloth piece called Riha was wrapped around the chest by the brides. However, in modern times brides prefer to wear a usual blouse like the one worn with the saree. To complete the Assamese bridal look, Riha is still worn by many brides but over a fitted blouse.

Assamese Traditional Bridal Accessories

Out of the many accessories, the Assamese bridal look is mostly adorned with gold jewellery most of which are handmade. It is simple but heavily decorated with gemstones like mine, ruby and black, green, and red enamels. Also, the traditional jewellery of the state is inspired by nature and cultural icons.

The traditional bridal ornaments include:


Assamese brides wear a special set of necklace and earrings called Jonbiri. It comprises of a moon-shaped pendant and earrings. They go very well with the traditional outfit Mekhla.

Kopo Phool:

Another traditional earring that many brides love to wear is Kopo Phool. Part of it resembles two tiny shoes which are attached to each other using a floral chain.

Loka Paro:

Inspired by the shape of pigeons, it is a pendant made of gold and rubies.


A round, striking jewellery piece made in gold was traditionally used as earrings only but now the design is also used for pendants.


For the hand, the brides of Assam wear a traditional broad bangle known as Gamkharu. It is a simple and elegant piece of jewellery which is skillfully designed by the artisans of Assam.

Also, their maang tikka is of utmost importance and is considered to be very auspicious.

Assamese Bridal Hairstyle

The brides in Assam usually dress their hair in a simple plait or opt for a big bun hairstyle for their wedding day. Traditionally, the hairstyle is completely decorated with various accessories like flowers, hair jhoomars, chains and clips. Their makeup is also subtle and just right to enhance the Assamese Bridal Look.